Empowering Houston's Civil & Concrete Workers with Innovative Group Health Insurance & Benefits Solutions

Leveraging 15+ years of experience to negotiate favorable pricing for concrete workers, civil workers, and engineers in Houston.

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Serving Concrete and Civil Workers

Dedicated to serving the needs of concrete workers, civil workers, engineers, and related professions in Houston. Our tailored solutions ensure that professionals across these fields receive unparalleled service and benefits.

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Serving the Houston Area with Pride for Over 15 Years

Houston CCW is dedicated to providing innovative insurance, workflows, account, and risk management solutions to concrete workers, civil workers, and engineers. With over 15 years of experience, we have successfully negotiated favorable pricing and conditions for professionals in the Houston area.

Innovative Approach

Committed to Excellence and Innovation

Houston CCW is devoted to providing personalized solutions for civil and concrete workers, and engineers in Houston. Our innovative approach and expert guidance ensure you have the peace of mind to focus on your work. Partner with us and experience unmatched service and expertise.

Why Join Houston Civil & Concrete Workers - The Group

Simple. Leverage economies of scale. You’ll increase your purchasing power, develop better efficiencies and often gain discounts reserved only for larger organizations — by grouping together.


Joining Houston Civil & Concrete Workers (The Group) offers members notable cost savings in employee benefits and admin tasks. Using our collective power, we negotiate better deals with vendors, boosting members' profitability.

Increased Efficiency

The Group centralizes procurement, reducing repetitive tasks and admin load for members. This lets members concentrate on their main goals. Additionally, The Group offers tools like online enrollment and compliance systems to assist.

Access to Quality Vendors

The Group boasts strong ties with trusted vendors. Members benefit from accessing a vetted list of vendors known for quality, reliability, and fair pricing, minimizing the risk of engaging with substandard providers.

Collective Influence

The Group holds considerable market clout, enabling them to secure better terms, influence product evolution, and set industry benchmarks. United, members gain amplified influence to address their specific needs.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

The Group promotes a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange. Members can share best practices and industry insights, keeping them updated on trends and aiding informed decisions.

Why Choose The Group?

An Alternative to Traditional RFPs

The Group is emerging as a compelling alternative to the conventional approach of addressing individual Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Traditionally, businesses would spend significant time and resources crafting individual RFP responses. Now, with The Group’s efficiency, businesses can bypass the lengthy and competitive RFP process, tapping directly into pre-negotiated contracts.


Streamlined Procurement Process

A standout advantage of The Group is the simplified procurement it introduces. With The Group’s robust framework, businesses can swiftly access pre-negotiated contracts and pricing, reducing strain and speeding up the contracting process.


Efficiency and Collective Power

By consolidating the demands of numerous members, The Group offers benefits traditionally reserved for larger conglomerates. Businesses no longer need to market independently; The Group’s vast membership does the work.

Economies of Scale

Cost-Effective Solutions

Capitalizing on collective purchasing power, The Group ensures businesses enjoy favorable prices and terms with Vendors. This advantage is especially beneficial for smaller entities that might lack the bargaining power of larger organizations.


Trusted Vendor Relationships

Over time, The Group has cultivated a network of reliable vendors. As businesses procure contracts, they benefit from these pre-existing ties, ensuring quality deliverables without the risk of independent vetting.


Expertise & Support Throughout

Beyond contract facilitation, The Group offers industry insights and guidance. Their expertise augments businesses’ procurement strategies, ensuring informed decision-making.

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